Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mini cake, mild flavor at Butterfly Bake Shop

On Saturday, during my inaugural trip to the Limelight Marketplace, I had my eye out for an after-dinner treat. Would I go for another cupcake from Cupcake Stop? Would I go for a, um, Little Candy Cake? Nope. I went straight for a mini cake at Butterfly Bake Shop.

Displayed very attractively in their cold case, the mini-cakes at Butterfly were available in a half-dozen flavors, but I zoomed right in on the Red Velvet with traditional cream cheese frosting (they also had toasted coconut frosting for the RV, an interesting little twist). It was packed in a sleek little box, and I was sent on my way.

That night, after dinner at Zigolini's Pizza Bar with the bro, I headed home for dessert. As I was instructed by the friendly folks behind the counter at Butterfly, I left the cake out of the fridge for a little bit to let it warm to room temp before eating. And then I dug in.

First off, the cake was pretty-- attractively portioned in little rounds, rimmed in stiff plastic for a clean appearance. There was a tiny candy butterfly decorating the top (awwww). Once I cut it in half, I realized each cake was actually pretty big-- about the size of two standard sized cupcakes-- which made the $4.25 price tag a bit more reasonable.

But what about the taste? Overall, enjoyable but not the best red velvet I've had. The cake itself was spongy, definitely not dry but not exceptionally moist either. The crumb was large and on the denser side. There wasn't much discernible chocolate taste, despite the fact that Red Velvet cake is technically supposed to be a light cocoa cake. Pretty bland.

But it made a good conveyance for the frosting. The cream cheese frosting had a bit of cream cheese tang, but it was a bit on the buttery side for my liking. It was sweet enough, and it went well with the cake, but all in all I wished there was some sort of stronger flavor in the mix somewhere in there. It was a very mild treat, to say the least.

So was it enjoyable? Of course. Was it the best in the city? Nope. But a decent red velvet still brightens your day. If you're looking for a personal-sized cake or a party favor or simply something classy and tasty to make you smile, this'll do, so give Butterfly a try.

Butterfly Bake Shop
Limelight Marketplace, 6th Avenue and 20th Street

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