Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good friends and fruit tarts from Ceci-Cela

I've had something of a rough week, so today I returned to the office from a client meeting to find a little gift from my friend A: a fruit tart from the bakery Ceci-Cela. What an incredible treat and lovely surprise. It brought about one of the few smiles that have graced my face over the past few days. Thank you, A: your kindness means more to me than any simple fruit tart ever could!

Even the packaging is adorable

It's my tart in a box

And, of course, I got the extreme privilege of consuming said fruit tart this evening after dinner. Oh man, was it good. The raspberries and blueberries on top were fresh and coated in a jiggly blanket of sweet glaze. The base of the tart wasn't the usual tasteless pastry shell but rather an incredibly yummy, cinnamon-sugar-cookie like substance that crumbled into flaky layers when you bit into it. In the center, anchoring the fruit to the cookie, was a dollop of eggy pastry cream. The pastry-to-cream ratio definitely skewed towards the pastry, which was favorable, as in this case the cinnamon cookie really took the cake, as it were. Ahem. Anyway, what follows is a fruit-tart-porn gallery, for your enjoyment. If you're ever near Ceci-Celi, pick one of these up-- it'll be sure to bring a smile to your face!

Ready to go

One bite in...check out the thickness of the cookie!

Fruit and cream and cookie... mmm

Such a delight!

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