Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh Amy, I came and you sold me a cupcake

Today was a cupcake day. Haven't had one in a while, got the craving after dinner at work, and stopped at my go-to cupcake place, Amy's Bread, on my way home. Ohhh yes.

I went for their black and white cupcake, a chocoalte cake with white buttercream frosting. You can't go wrong. My cupcake journey follows:

Oh, the anticipation

They package the cupcake upside down in a paper cup...

...which means it only gets a LITTLE squished on the way home.

I eat my cupcakes with a fork and knife, and I start by peeling a bit of the paper and cutting a small half. That way you can get at the chocolatey interior.

The cake is tender and light, with the fluffiest crumb imaginable

But near the top of the cake, right under the frosting, is just a couple of bites' worth of intense, extra-moist, slightly undercooked brownie-like cake. It's such a wonderful surprise.

And the frosting-- oh man, the frosting. It's perfect. Sweet, with just the barest external crunch indicating the right ratio of sugar to butter. A great vanilla flavor is just the icing on the icing.

I savored every bit of this cupcake. If you're anywhere near any of Amy's locations, I urge you to pick up a black and white cupcake and slowly--deliberately--enjoy every crumb.

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