Thursday, June 19, 2008

And it's GOOOOOOOD!!!

After a long day at work, I made a beeline to NYC Icy on the way home. I stopped to check out their flavor board on the way in (note: it looks like they change their flavors every day. Cool!) and then entered the empty store.

Today's flavors

Well, not entirely empty. There were three people behind the counter, but really nothing else. There aren't any chairs or stools or even counters to lean on, so you've definitely gotta take your icy to go. That was cool; I was eager to get home. The only really notable aspect of the decor, behind the copious amounts of swag (t-shirts and such) pinned up for sale on the walls, was the enormous graffiti-style mural. Very... edgy?

Icy stuff for sale

Badass ice cream

NYC Icy offers two kinds of icies: regular icy (like sorbet) and cream icy (like sherbet or light gelato). The lovely people behind the counter explained that everything is homemade and they don't use any artificial flavors (great, although I've got nothing AGAINST artificial flavors per se...). The icies are also lower in fat and cholesterol than traditional ice cream. They happily offered samples, and I tried the hazelnut chip and the PB Reese's Pieces cream icies. Of the two, I went with the hazelnut: first of all, I love hazelnut, and second of all, the peanut butter flavor didn't go as well with the light texture of the icy.

Beautiful AND tasty!

The hazelnut icy tasted of pure hazelnuts and sweet milk. Not cream-- not the heaviness of cream-- but the lightness of delicious milk. The texture was airy and smooth, punctuated by chunks of dark chocolate. It melted a little as I walked home with it, adding to the lovely textural sensation.

I had ordered a small cream icy, which the menu says costs $3 (compared to $2.50 for the regular icy)-- but they only charged me $2.50. And even though the cup looks small, it's a lot of icy-- I almost struggled to finish the entire thing. But I did, of course, and I was left feeling satisfied but not weighed down at all, just entirely happy with the experience.

If you can't tell by now, I really like NYC Icy. The people were friendly, the price was right, and the product was delicious. I can easily see myself trying every flavor this summer... and going broke in the process (oops). I'd encourage you to go and try NYC Icy for yourself-- in a world filled with Pinkberries and Tasti Ds, NYC Icy has something special to offer.

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BenDauk said...

So does NYC ICY get 5:5, 4:5 funky spatulas? Don't ice cream shops deserve the same recognition for their great desserts?