Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NYC Icy, chapter II

Monday evening I made another trip to NYC Icy. As I suspected, at least some of the flavors do change each day, which is truly awesome. Monday's selection:

I love that they note that the coffee flavor is "(strong")

I tried a sample of the coconut icy, and I can tell that at some point I'll get a full cup of that. It had a powerful coconut flavor and was peppered with shards of real coconut. If I hadn't been craving something creamy, I would seriously have considered it.

But my second sample, and the ultimate winner, was the white chocolate creamy icy. It tasted like uber-vanilla, sumptuously creamy and mild. But the greatest part of this white delight was that it was studded with white chocolate chips-- an awesome bonus that boosted the incredible flavor. Genius!

Another beautiful addition to the NYC Icy gallery

And there you have it. 'Till next time and next flavor...

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