Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Five Napkin Burger watch!

I've decided that Five Napkin Burger, a new burger joint that's coming in on the block of 9th avenue between 44th and 45th streets, is going to be one of those restaurants that I feel invested in. This makes no sense, of course, because I don't even eat burgers. In any case, it's been plywooded for a long time, but as of yesterday, the signs are up, and a peek inside reveals a large number of chairs. I'd give it a few weeks till opening, perhaps?

Lunch, dinner and late night... that's promising

It's "An American Bar & Grill." Sure, cool.

A peek inside-- looks like a bar at the back; diner-style tiles on the walls

And lots and lots of chairs.

You'll definitely hear more once this place opens...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I've lived a block away for the past 2 years and that place has been boarded up the whole time. Nice to see it opening along with American Apparel a few doors down.