Saturday, June 7, 2008

Five Napkin Burger Watch II!...and a side of Lasanga

Wandered by Five Napkin burger this afternoon, and it was quite a hotbed of activity. The bar is up and stocked; the seating area looks almost finished. It's actually shaping up to be a good-looking restaurant. More importantly, it really looks ready to open ASAP. A Monday ETA may indeed be correct...

View of the bar area from the door

The bar is fully stocked!

The seating area, with only a little bit of miscellaneous debris

I also passed by the new Lasagna Ristorante on 9th Avenue between 52nd and 53rd. They're having their "Grand Opening," and there was a guy outside handing out fliers and delivering a spiel to passersby. He said Lasagna is one of 3 locations, it's family-owned, and all the food is cooked to order. I took a menu and it seems moderately priced but nothing too special. We'll see how it does in the area.

Sorta looks like a car dealership, huh?

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Anonymous said...

you're right that sign in front of lasagna does look like a car dealership! haha

but i will say if it's anything as good as the lasagna ristorante down in chelsea this will quickly become a new HK hotspot!