Saturday, June 28, 2008

NYC Icy, chapter IV

Damn you, NYC Icy. Here I was, going about my Saturday afternoon chores like a good girl, and all of a sudden it hits. Icy. Sure, I try to ignore it-- there are important things to get at CVS, mind you. Sure, I try to squelch it by eating an enormous bowl of strawberries, but nope. Icy. Icy icy icy. Soon, I simply give in. Down the street I go, into the now-familiar storefront, a tinge of shame in my step, to get my Icy fix.

Rootbeer Icy? Hmmm...

I can try to comfort myself by saying that this time, I was there for the sorbet, not the cream icies. And, you know, it IS hot as balls outside, so who can blame a girl for wanting a little sorbet to cool her down? My wallet, that's who. Damn.

I came in with a pretty potent coconut icy craving, but I was willing to keep an open mind. I tried a taste of the mango and passionfruit icies to see if my taste buds could be swayed. The mango icy was much, much more mild than mango sorbet usually is-- I think of mango sorbet as one of the most potent sources of straight-to-the-bloodstream sugar out there, aside from, say, cotton candy. Or an IV. The passionfruit had a bit of a stronger flavor, with that trademark passionfruit kick. Another day, the passionfruit will likely be my quarry, but today, I was all about the coconut.

It may look like the vanilla cream icy, but it's not. I promise.

The coconut has a soothing, genuine coconut flavor, and as I mentioned before, there are little bits of real coconut providing mouthfeel interest. The texture of the icy is really interesting-- it's certainly icier than the cream icy, and as a result it has more structural integrity and doesn't melt as fast. But as it begins to soften around the edges, it develops that almost stretchy, stringy consistency that marks the cream icies. Stringy ice cream sort of sounds gross, but it's not-- it's really satisfying to eat. With the icies, I'd recommend you let it begin to melt a teensy bit before shoveling it down-- it definitely adds an extra something.

The coconut was incredibly delicious and hit the proverbial "spot" hard. And it's worth noting that every time I go, I'm always amazed by how much they pack into those little cups. You certainly get your money's worth (in the case of the icies, only $2.50).

But that won't stop me from being fat and broke by the end of the summer. Anyone have a couch I can crash on when I can no longer pay my rent?


FibroLady said...

What, exactly, is an icy? I've never heard of this before, but I live in AZ. It sounds exactly like something they SHOULD have here. Is it ice cream, or a shaved ice? (We have one 'shave-ice' 'truck' in Tucson, the trick is to find where he parks each day. I know he's (the owner) from Hawaii originally, and he has tons of great flavours, but not most of the ones I saw listed in your articles.
Please tell me what it is, I'm dying of curiosity.

Janine said...


NYC Icy sells two kinds of "icies." One is a regular icy, which is essentially sorbet-- it's the consistency of ice cream but has no dairy. The cream icy is essentially a light ice cream or gelato-- it's an icy with cream added to the mix before it's frozen (hence the name, I guess!). I've had shave-ice in Hawaii and this is very different, because the flavors are already inside the product (like ice cream), not added on top.

And yes, you should definitely have "icies" in Arizona! Maybe you can write to the NYC Icy folks and politely request a franchise?

Thanks for reading!


FibroLady said...

Thanks. Any idea how I could get hold of them? I think opening a franchise would be a great idea. It would be nice to know exactly where one could always find a nice, LIGHT icy treat. When it's super hot outside, regular ice cream can be just toooo heavy!! And, sno-cones leave LOTS to be desired. (Although Circle K gets my business when I must be out and about, at least it's nice and cold)

Janine said...

Hi Fibrolady,

I'm not exactly sure-- I don't think they have a working website. But next time I'm in I'll ask the owner if she has an email address or some contact info, which I'll pass along to you.

Definitely agree about ice cream and sno-cones on really hot days. That's why Icy is so awesome!