Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Fro-Yo Chronicles: Very Berry

Since it's so hot out, I find myself getting a mid-afternoon hankering for frozen yogurt much more often than is good for my wallet these days. Yesterday, the craving hit while I was in the East Village, so my friend S and I stopped into Very Berry to broaden my fro-yo horizons.

Very pure-looking, isn't it?

Very Berry is the cheapest Pinkberry-eque frozen yogurt I've encountered so far (a small cup of original with no toppings was $2.98). They also have more flavors than standard-- yesterday, they had strawberry and blueberry in addition to the standard Green Tea and original. I tasted the strawberry, which tasted very much like strawberry Light 'n Fit yogurt, and the blueberry, which tasted overwhelmingly artificial to me. It's also worth noting that they, like Red Mango, charge extra for flavors. So I went with a small cup of the original flavor.

Very Berry has a pronounced real-yogurt tang and a creamy flavor. The texture is almost foamy (really, like frozen foam), but it's still substantial. They also give you a large quantity for a small, which I appreciate.

Texture shot I

Texture shot II

I was very satisfied with our trip to Very Berry. It had great flavor and good texture in satisfying quantity. If you're ever on a fro-yo kick near St. Mark's, I'd encourage you to skip the ridiculous lines at Pinkberry and head a few doors down to VB-- you'll leave with a smile on your face and more money in your wallet.

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Danny G said...

omg! i totally agree with you! i just went to very berry earlier today. =)