Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tenth Avenue plywood action!

On a hot-as-balls day like today, you can't blame a girl for craving some ice cream. So early this afternoon, I headed down Tenth Avenue to check on the progress of NYC Icy. I've been waiting for them to open forEVER... and, sadly, it seems they still have a while to go.

A tease on 10th between 44th and 45th

Their sign is up, true, and they've gone out of their way to plywood the front windows to block the view inside (in this case, plywood = garbage bags and paper). But of course, having no shame, I ducked down to peek through the hole at the bottom. It was so bright outside I couldn't get any good pictures, unfortunately, but you could see that the counter is up in the back. But the floor was still covered with cement buckets and other construction implements, the way it has been for several weeks if not months by now. NYC Icy, when are you coming? I want some creatively flavored frozen treats!

But, to counter the Icy disappointment, on the way I noted a new restaurant coming in a block up.

Almost ready to go...

A new outpost of Wondee Siam, with an electric orange border and an "opening soon" sign, seems actually to be opening soon. The tables are in, and the funky light fixtures are up. One of the owners was inside and smiled at me as I peeked in. It's sort of weird I haven't noticed this place before (it definitely takes more than a couple days to get a restaurant to this stage), but Wondee looks truly ready to go. It could potentially be a nice addition to this area of 10th-- I hold out hope!

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