Friday, July 9, 2010

Pizza the size of your torso at Koronet

When AS's friends were in town the weekend before last, a request came up for pizza. New York-style pizza. Spectacular pizza. So AS tour-guided the group North, up past Midtown, up past the Upper West Side, to the southern reaches of Morningside Heights. We stopped at a little place called Koronet.

Sure, it looks like an unassuming slicery, but look a little closer and you'll see something different. These slices are big. Huge. Put it in analogy format, you say? Oh, okay:

Petit four : Sheet cake :: regular New York slice : Koronet slice
Junior Mint : regular York Peppermint Patty :: regular New York slice: Koronet slice
Fun size Hershey bar : This chocolate bar :: regular New York slice : Koronet slice

Are we done here? Yes, yes we are. Those analogies actually took me a embarrassingly long time to come up with.

For size comparison, take a look at the bottom of the 20 oz. coke bottle in the background

Apparently the pizza was also delicious, but really, with Koronet, you come because it's big. And yes, that's what she said.

Koronet Pizzeria
2848 Broadway, between 110th and 111th Streets

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