Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hell's Kitchen reinvents itself: Plywood and Openings!

Lots of goings-on on Tenth and Ninth Avenues these days! First, an opening:

Burgers, shakes, and smoothies

Blue 9 Burger is open, and as of Sunday they were giving out a "Free welcome meal." No freakin' clue what that means or how long it will last, but fans of purported In-n-Out style burgers should head to Ninth between 52nd and 53rd and investigate.

And for fans of various forms of non-American food, two bits of plywood to report:

On Tenth Avenue between 48th and 49th, Casa Havana is staking its claim, promising to bring "Best Cuban Sandwiches" to the area. Props on the creative window papering as well.

Ready-made case poking through the window

Best? We'll see about that...

On Ninth Avenue between 51st and 52nd, right smack next to Hummus Kitchen, there's a Noodle Bar a-coming. Details are scant on this puppy, but interest is high...

That tiny little orange sign foretells noodles

Should be an interesting September!

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