Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More gelato at Grom

After an Italian meal at A Voce, what better dessert than some gelato? Unfortunately, the gelato pickins around Columbus Circle are relatively slim, so it's pretty much Grom or bust. To Grom I went.

This time, the Bacio flavor caught my taste buds. It's a smooth chocolatey base punctuated by copious hunks of hazelnut-- the effect combines to produce a nutella-like effect. Delicious. I combined it with a half-scoop of coconut, which wasn't exactly the most harmonious pairing, but the coconut is so delicious I couldn't really resist.

The Bacio was beaten into submission

Ahh, Grom. So expensive for so little. But still... so irresistible.

1796 Broadway, between 58th Street and Columbus Circle

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