Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Hound FAIL

So again, last week I found myself with a cake I ordered online. Again, don't ask. This time, it was from Black Hound, another bakery in NYC that's known for shipping its cakes. I had high hopes for this checkerboard cake, which was appealingly decorated in buttercream and ganache.


As I cut into it, I found a really visually enticing checkerboard pattern. The cake is really well-crafted, I'll give them that, despite the fact that the chocolate cake crumbs on the sides of the cake spill everywhere when you try to move the confection.


But I knew almost instantly I wouldn't really like the taste. The cake itself wasn't bad, but it was rimmed on all sides with buttercream, both chocolatey (which had a bit of a mocha tang) and vanilla. And I could tell just by looking that this, sadly, was exactly the type of frosting I don't like-- absurdly buttery and greasy, kind of like shoving a stick of butter right in your face. Blech. It's not even really sweet, and with that unpleasant mouthfeel-- just... no. I took one bite and dumped the slice in the trash.

So, I'll say this: If you're a fan of the Cupcake Cafe's cupcakes, you'll like this cake. If you're not (that is, if you have my frosting preferences), you won't. The end.

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