Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Burgers and wine, and gossip, at Gossip

It was the week before Christmas, and JR, my good friend from college, was back in town on holiday break from Penn Law. Since I had a light day at work, I hastily seized the opportunity to schedule catch-up drinks. With a little food thrown in for good measure.

We met up at Gossip Bar and Restaurant on Ninth Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. The place is about a year old, and I've been there a couple of times before; their food is better than it has to be, and there's always a lot of space to spread out, perfect for a chilly winter evening. Notable props to Gossip as well for having the heat blasting-- as someone who is perpetually freezing cold, I was actually comfortable in there. Which means everyone else was likely sweating bullets. But I was happy! Extra spatulas all around!
We started with drinks. JR got a beer, a Killian's, if I remember correctly. And I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir from their short wine list-- three reds, three whites, no nonsense. Unfortunately, our friendly server returned a few minutes later to inform us that they were out of Pinot Noir. Choosing between the Cabernet Sauvignon or the Merlot, I went with Merlot. And it was actually pretty good-- fruity, not too tannic, smooth drinking. The glassware wasn't much to look at, but it got the job done.

Wine, makin' it happen

From the comprehensive menu, JR chose the turkey burger with pepper jack cheese. The verdict? Again, better than it had to be. The ingredients were fresh and the cheese well-melted; JR noted that the bun didn't quite do it for him, but the patty itself was moist and flavorful. Pressed for a spatula rating, JR vascillated between three and four before settling on three, noting "how good can a turkey burger really be?" Of course, the fries must be mentioned: I tried one, and it was piping hot, but I generally prefer mine in the shoestring style rather than this skin-on, chubby rendition.


So once again Gossip retains its three Offset Spatula rating. It's a slightly better-than-standard Irish pub, comfortable, a little upscale, with reasonably priced drinks and food that will exceed most low expectations. I hope it remains in the neighborhood for a while, since it certainly fills a useful niche.

Gossip Bar & Restaurant
733 Ninth Avenue, between 49th and 50th Streets

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