Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kyotofu is now getting about 10% of my disposable income

Last night I went back to Kyotofu for some more soymilk soft serve. I love this stuff. More than anything else recently, it's truly grown on me from a food I legitimately panned the first time I tasted it to something I crave. This week's flavors are Maple Vanilla and Chocolate, which sounded delightful together. A quick order for a small swirl with fruit compote and we were on our way.

Melty and filling and scrumptious

First off, props to the robust serving of fruit compote-- depending on who's working behind the counter, sometimes you end up with only a few dribbles of the fruit syrup, but last night I had a healthy portion of the actual stewed strawberries. Rockin'. As for the soft serve itself, the maple vanilla was a delight-- on first taste, the nutty soymilk bite came through faintly, but after a few more spoonfuls it was all maple vanilla all the way. The chocolate was very chocolatey, as promised. Curiously, I expected the two flavors to meld together well, as vanilla and chocolate dairy soft serve usually do, but I found that the two flavors rather stood alone, not really warring per se but not complementing or enhancing one another either. And any spoonful that contained both was overwhelmed by the strength of the chocolate. Since the delicious fruit compote goes better with vanilla-based flavors than chocolate anyway, I think my next purchase (ahem) will be straight maple-vanilla. Regardless, it was a satisfying treat for mind and body-- I think Kyotofu does vanilla flavors really well and (on behalf of my taste buds if not my wallet...) hope to see them in the weekly rotation for weeks to come!

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