Monday, December 28, 2009

Holey Cream rocks Hell's Kitchen

After a few days at home, I boarded the Acela from Boston to New York, ready to head back to my awesome city. I was ravenous once I finally reached my apartment, and after a highly unsatisfying dinner of soup (I don't like soup. But every now and then I have to eat some to re-confirm the fact that I don't like it), I was ready for some dessert. Out I went; I passed Kyotofu, which had some tempting vanilla bean soft serve... but I had a mission. A few blocks up, I reached my destination: Holey Cream.

Boisterous awning

Now, despite the somewhat sketchy name (get your mind out of the gutter!), I had high hopes for this place. Rumors had been flying that they'd carry Sedutto ice cream (YUM) and homemade donuts made according to some crazy recipe from a place out on Long Island. Well, these were some rumors I needed to verify.

And verify I did. The place is narrow and utilitarian, though still inviting; there are enticing baked goods in display cases and soft-serve machines lining the back wall. The woman working behind the counter, who I found out was actually the pastry chef, was incredibly friendly and upbeat, offering huge tastes of ice cream eagerly (and yes, it is Sedutto ice cream... score!... and I think the gelato is Ciao Bella, but that is unverified). I got a small cup of malt ball gelato, which was creamy and not overwhelmingly malt-y, with appealing chocolate bits providing textural contrast.


Cupcakes! I will be back for you, my pretties...

Ice cream menu

Super sundaes

Pastries... Donuts for $1.25

My ice cream

I inquired about the baked goods-- made in-house or sourced?-- at which point I found out this lovely lady was the pastry chef who made them all herself, and did I perhaps want a donut? On the house? Uh, yes please. She handed me a small, frosted confection about the size of a deck of cards, enrobed in icing and chocolate crumbs, noting that she had made the donut about two hours ago so it was super fresh. I took a bite. I think I mumbled something along the lines of "this is crazy good," but I don't really remember, because my brain was overwhelmed by the sweet, rich icing and the tender, cakey-yet-stretchy insides that carried that slight tinge of appealing friedness that makes donuts so irresistable. When she started describing a donut ice cream sandwich she sometimes makes by cutting a donut in half and stuffing it with ice cream, I think I may have gone into a dessert-induced catatonic state. Note to self: access donut ice cream sandwich, stat, by any means necessary.

Oh it's just so beautiful...

With my donut and cup of ice cream in tow, I tumbled out onto Ninth Avenue, a happy and sugar-sated camper. It probably goes without saying, but Holey Cream rocks my world. The prices are surprisingly reasonable-- my small ice cream was well under $4, and of course the donut was free-- and the goods are delicious. And gosh darn it, it feels good to support a local mom-and-pop shop rather than a huge conglomerate like the Cold Stone/Tim Horton's a block away. I really hope HC stays for a long, long time, and while I will certainly do my best to keep it in business single-handedly, experience shows I may need help. Dear readers, stop in and sample the goodies. You won't be sorry.

Holey Cream
Ninth Avenue and 53rd Street

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