Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Up in AV's neighborhood this past weekend, I noticed something curious: a new Thai restaurant. Now, in a city with more Thai joints than Starbucks, that in itself is not notable. However, this new establishment caught my eye because of its name, Tiny Thai, and logo, a big stylized T. Curiously, there used to be a Tiny Thai right near me in Hell's Kitchen, a place that slowly and unclearly morphed into Tai Thai, AV's and my preferred local Thai restaurant. This was obviously the very same Tiny Thai, and a glimpse at the takeout menu confirmed that the menu was very similar to the Tai Thai restaurant (which has recently been revamped slightly). I'm itching to know what the deal is here-- are they owned by the same people? Is it a chain? Why did the HK Tiny Thai become Tai Thai? What is the DEAL, yo?

Same, same, same

Anyway, I'm a bit out on Thai food for the moment since getting food poisoning after a recent dinner at a Thai restaurant, but as soon as I feel I can stomach the sight of peanut sauce once again, rest assured we will check out the new Tiny Thai and report back fully.

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