Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It was cold out, so we ate ice cream

After our light dinner at Cavatappo, we burst out onto the frigid sidewalks of First Avenue and had one thought: ice cream! Communicating in puffs of frozen breath, we agreed that clearly the best course of action would be to stroll down the 8 blocks to Emack and Bolio's for some delicious ice cream.

And stroll-- well, sprint-- we did. I like E&B's because they have incredible lowfat hard frozen yogurt, especially an Oreo flavor that's sublime and definitely doesn't taste lowfat. This time around, though, I went with a small cup of half low-fat Oreo and half full-fat Buttercrunch Swiss Chip. This flavor had a mild toffee kick, a hint of caramel, and a few bits of chocolate here and there. Yum.

Oreo on top; Swiss Chip underneath

AV went for a cup of Cosmic Crunch, which was vanilla ice cream with caramel, chocolate chips, nuts, and toffee cookie pieces. Now, I really do like my ice cream, but this flavor was almost-- dare I say it?-- too rich for me. I had a taste and it was almost as though the flavor expanded to fill my stomach. It was delicious, but perhaps too delicious.


We polished off our ice cream sitting on the bench inside the tiny shop, as the friendly employee went into the back room and played guitar. It was surprisingly nice, sitting there eating ice cream and listening to some acoustic stylings. And then we were done, tossing our cups in the trash and, with a preemptive shiver, heading back out into the frozen night.

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