Friday, March 12, 2010

Ice cream is goooood

If you have read this blog with any frequency, you will know that I eat ice cream with devoted regularity (quoth AV's mom: "You guys eat a lot of ice cream." Yes, yes we do). Even in the dead of winter, my weeknights feature a trip to the freezer for a scoop or two; my weekend nights are often marked by me dragging AV out into the freezing cold for an even more freezing treat. But now that it's almost spring, ice cream consumption is coming back into social acceptance. Ignore those bandwagon jumpers, ice cream, you know who your TRUE fans are!

Exhibit A: Last Saturday evening, on a decidedly chilly night, we headed to Sedutto at 87th and 1st for an after-dinner treat. I like Sedutto because they have amazing hard frozen yogurt, and this time both AV and I went for my favorite flavor there: low fat Heath Bar frozen yogurt.

Oh yum

The ice cream is vaguely caramel-flavored, and there are big chunks of delectable chocolate-covered toffee sprinkled throughout. Unlike some watered-down icy versions of hard yogurt, this stuff is rich and creamy and doesn't taste low-fat. Plus, my vast travels through the frozen yogurt world have taught me that low fat Heath Bar frozen yogurt pretty much doesn't exist anywhere. Cookies and cream, yes; Heath Bar, no. So thank you, Sedutto, for filling this gaping void and enriching our lives.

So, in short, it's good. Go have some.

1666 First Avenue, at 87th Street

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