Thursday, March 4, 2010

LWF&D goes Greek

I'm something of a yogurt fan, trying to stick with my one Activia light (raspberry, natch) a day. But recently I've become intrigued by Chobani fat-free Greek yogurt. Unlike Fage, which I've had in the past-- tasty with a hefty dose of honey-- it comes in fun flavors. So today, while out and about at Whole Foods, I scooped up a Strawberry Chobani.


Tasted better than it looked...

Verdict? Winner. The yogurt is the trademark Greek-style stuff, really thick, almost like curd-free ricotta. But the key here is that there's a thick layer of jammy strawberry goo on the bottom, which combines perfectly with the yogurt to create an indulgent treat. There's quite a bit of strawberry in here, enough to make it through the container with a little bit of strawberry in each bite, and it's sweet but not tooth-achingly sweet like the Dannon Fruit on the Bottom stuff (which I like too, for what it's worth). This yogurt satisfied me and kept me full for a while, with its high protein content. I'd definitely have it again.


Atiyah said...

I may have to go back to eating greek yogurt in the mornings. I kind of miss it.

MĂ«rgimtari said...

Fun fact: Chobani means "shepherd" in Greek (and Albanian!).


Janine said...

That is a fun fact! Thanks, Mergimtari!