Monday, March 15, 2010

The Thai is back

As I noted before, I'm gradually adding Thai food back into my life. So last Saturday evening, AV and I headed to Sala Thai near his place to get back in the saddle once again.

Note to self and readers: at 8PM on a Saturday night, Sala is HOPPING. Really. We've always gone earlier, so I've never seen it in all its glory. So it was loud and packed, but still the food came quickly, the servers were friendly, and the edibles were tasty as ever.

AV went with the chicken basil, which comes with mushrooms, peppers, chili, basil, and rice. The portions were huge, providing AV with lunch the next day as well. Two meals for $12? Not terrible.

Lots of sauce-- bonus

My choice was the papaya salad, of course. Again, the portion was huge, and it was basically a substantial tangle of shredded papaya. The odd green bean thread, cherry tomato, piece of iceberg lettuce or cashew piece gave a bit of interest, but since the sauce here is so mild I wish there were a better ratio of "other stuff" to papaya. Still good, though, and did I mention it was huge?

Plenty of papaya

And that was that. We paid and headed off to get ice cream (naturally) to cool our tingly mouths. A solid three Offset Spatula evening indeed.

Sala Thai
1718 Second Avenue, between 89th and 90th streets

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Adam said...

Ouch! Sala thai is gone!!! So is the Mexican place on the corner!