Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dumplings and fire at Land

Last weekend, AV and I went out for Thai food. Given all the coverage of Thai places on this blog, this may not seem significant, but it is: I've all but sworn off Thai since I got food poisoning in December after a particularly unfortunate Thai meal. While I still can't stomach the sight, smell, or even thought of peanut sauce, my cravings for veggie dumplings have been creeping back. So on Saturday night, we skipped down to the UES location of Land Thai Kitchen for their inimitable green gems.

We started by sharing an order of dumplings, and with an extra dish of the dipping sauce, we were delighted. These dumplings are green and glorious, fun little poppers with squishy insides and a dignified crown of fried garlic sprinkled on top.

Didn't disappoint

Then AV went with the wok beef with basil. It seemed a little undercooked this time around, but AV enjoyed it. Though it was requested mild, it was still quite spicy.

Rare beef & spice

But I can only imagine how it compared to the fiery inferno that was my papaya salad. Flecked with huge pieces of hot pepper, this salad (requested not spicy) seared my mouth and left a lingering burn that lasted for a good half hour after consumption. Yes, I'm somewhat of a spice wuss, but this stuff was HOT. It was still good-- the ingredients were fresh and the portion right-- but damn, next time I'm going to be explicit and emphatic about less spice!

It looks innocent, but...

Land is fast and casual, and the service is polite and fast without feeling rushed or pressured. The food is tasty and not too expensive. And so, through yet another visit, Land maintains its four Offset Spatula rating.

Land Thai Kitchen
1565 Second Avenue, between 81st and 82nd

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