Monday, February 22, 2010

From Vegas with love: Part 5

We had one more fancy "special" dinner coming up on our Vegas trip, but in the meantime there were some snacks. So a report on the various little bits that populated the next day or so:

More gelato. This time it was in the middle of the day, from the in-house Bellagio Patisserie, and it was peanut brittle flavor (incredible) with more coconut sorbet. I pretty much never eat ice cream in the middle of the day. Maybe I should more often?

From Jean-Philippe Patisserie... smooth and creamy as ever

For breakfast the next day, AV got a cinnamon roll from Palio cafe, one of the quick eats destinations in the Bellagio. It was huge and, curiously, iced on the bottom of the roll. Enticing and promising-looking, it was appropriately cinnamony but disappointingly dry. Nothing gooey and sticky here-- just a bland pastry.

Mmmm, frosted

Dryness revealed

Fortunately, however, we made up for that lackluster food experience later in the day by making a second journey to In-N-Out burger. After journeying to Fremont Street (uh, skippable), we hailed a cab, found the nearest In-N-Out, and got AV a cheeseburger animal style and an order of fries. I had a couple of fries as they were scarfed in the cab, and they were delicious.

Sweet, sweet fries

It was just enough to tide us over until that evening... report to come!

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Justin said...

That food looks good but im a big italian man. Love italian food in vegas.