Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From Vegas with love: Part 2

So I mentioned that our first meal in Vegas was a scrumptious lunch at Mon Ami Gabi. It was so good that the next morning, after waking up at 3:30AM (yes, really) and hitting the gym right when it opened at 6AM-- typical Vegas behavior-- we dashed across the street once again for breakfast at the French bistro.

Service-- and the overall experience-- was markedly worse this time around. It took a good twenty minutes or so to get tap water; my tea order came much later, at the same time as all the food. When I tried to order just a side of cheese with my tea (yes, I know this is weird; see also: jet-lagged stomach; 3:30AM wake-up time), our waiter actively made fun of me. And not in an endearing way, let's just say.

Nonetheless, we did end up getting the food we wanted, eventually. AV went with a Western omelette. Oh wait, what I mean is, he attempted to order a Western omelette to the incredulous derision of our waiter. Finally it was settled that a Western omelette wasn't a possibility, but our benevolent waiter COULD provide a ham & cheese omelette with the addition of peppers. Spectacular. The omelette came with hash browns and thick slices of toasted bread. No butter or jam, of course; that had to be wildly flagged down later.

Omelette of scorn

You'll be happy to know that the waiter ultimately did grant me my cheese. It was thick-cut cheddar, slightly sweaty from having sat under the heat lamps. It was crowned with four sprigs of random garnish (watercress?). They charged us $1.50. What can I say?

Hard earned cheese

Most importantly, we were fed and ready to take on the town, so we paid and split. Our recommendation? Hit up Mon Ami Gabi at lunch or later. The food is good; if you go strategically, you'll have service to match.

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