Friday, February 26, 2010

Cookie winners and losers at Glaser's Bake Shop

Back into post-Vegas land... what a whirlwind! To ease us back into the present (or at least more recent past), let's take a visit to Glaser's Bake Shop on the Upper East Side. I've been there before to check out their "legendary" black and white cookies. Well, last weekend I wanted one. So off we went to the somewhat dingy shop, dealt with the upbeat but, ahem, overly directive counter women, and emerged with cookies of two different types, which we ate after dinner.

AV's choice? A big chocolate chip cookie. Not recommended--it was flat, with standard chocolate chips and not much else going for it. AV said the flavor wasn't quite there and that overall the cookie was bland. Blech. What's worse than a bad chocolate chip cookie? (That's a rhetorical question. A lot of things are worse.)

The loser

But thankfully the black and white cookie redeemed our visit. The cake portion was crunchy on the outside and tender in the thick middle, just like a--gasp!-- cookie! The chocolate frosting was ample and sweet and supple, while the white icing was the classic vanilla glaze with real flavor. I ate this cookie and then wanted another one. I won't pretend to have eaten all the black and white cookies in this city, but this one is definitely a contender for the best.

The winner!

Glaser's Bake Shop

1670 First Avenue, between 87th and 88th Streets


Gar said...

If you like B&W cookies, you should visit William Greenberg's Desserts. Heard their desserts are great.

Janine said...


I've heard William Greenberg's black & whites are good, but the few times I've passed by they didn't look great. I'll have to suck it up one of these days and take the plunge!