Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From Vegas, with love: Part I

This week, AV and I are in Vegas, and naturally there is much to relate on the food front. Approximately a million posts will be coming when I return home, but in the meantime, one quick dispatch from today's activities.

We've been extraordinarily jet-lagged, so after being awake for approximately three hours already, we showed up at the rental car place before it opened at 8AM to collect our car. And then we set off into the wilds of Nevada and Arizona, nimbly crossing the Hoover Dam, to seek our fortunes at the Grand Canyon. Midway through our drive to the South Rim I had a revelation, changed our course, and a mere three hours after we left Vegas, we arrived at the West Rim of the Canyon. Needless to say, it was incredible. A bit of photographic proof of our presence:
Colorado River and Canyon
Despite certain nameless naysayers among the crowds at home, who claimed a day trip to the Canyon couldn't be done with finesse, we were back in Vegas by 4PM after an entirely satisfactory exploration of the GC. Quite enough time to stop for a burger at In-N-Out in Henderson, don't you think? We do. Behold, a cheeseburger animal style, which AV devoured in approximately four seconds after having pretty much nothing but granola bars and animal crackers all day:
Animal style = sauces and mushrooms and onions, or something.

Oh, and a bit of the decor for those of us (me) who are (were) curious as to what at In-N-Out looks like.

Where the magic happens
The menu

So there you have it. Car dropped off, back in our hotel room by 4:30. In yo' face, Grand Canyon-- consider yourself conquered. In our faces, In-N-Out, consider yourself vicariously visited by me through AV's highly enjoyable experience.

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