Friday, February 19, 2010

From Vegas with love: Part 4

On Tuesday, we ventured to the Grand Canyon, with a minor detour to In-n-Out burger. When we got home, AV collapsed for a nap, while I moped around, insanely exhausted but unable to sleep. Finally I woke AV up in an agitated state, insisting that I was losing it and needed real food (after eating approximately 100 carby snacks in the car during the day). Still battling the fog of sleep, AV handled my agitation admirably and brought us downstairs to Noodles for some food.

Noodles is the Bellagio's dim sum bar. Let me say this up front: yes, Vegas is an expensive town. It's especially expensive if you're staying at an expensive hotel. Most of the time, I was in vacation-spending mode and thus wasn't too bothered by the prices. However, at Noodles I was. Here's why:

The dishes we got were as follows: One chicken pad thai, which was pretty standard. And one side order of baby bok choy in garlic sauce, pretty mediocre (for the record, I had wanted dumplings but they didn't have veggie-only dumplings, they only had pork-and-veggie dumplings. I had misread that when scoping out the menu). Together, without tax and tip, those dishes cost $30. With tax and tip, it was closer to $40.

Read that again. Almost $40 for one noodle dish and one veggie side, which in Manhattan (one of the most expensive cities in the world) would have set us back less than $15. We both felt a little bit ripped off.

Spun gold? No, noodles

Precious vegetables

So, of course, we placated ourselves with gelato. The Bellagio is crawling with gelato, available in three separate locations, to my count. I had gelato pretty much every single day. Their gelato wasn't the best I've ever had, but the portions were huge and it was tasty. This time around, AV went with Oreo; I chose half Snickers, half coconut sorbet, packed full of shards of coconut. And, tummy packed with gelato, I went to sleep. I believe it was 7:30PM.

Coconut on top

Oreo, with authentic gelato paddle spoons

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