Friday, March 19, 2010

Vicarious linner at Mercury Bar

Last week Mom and Dad were in town for a brief spell, and the bro and I met them for lunch. Or, well, sort of. Mom and Dad and I had already had lunch, so the bro had lunch. Dad had soup so I guess that qualifies as linner. Mom and I had nothing. Whaaa?

Anyway, here's what was consumed. The bro got the BBQ chicken salad, which appeared to be a bunch of BBQ grilled chicken atop a mound of Caesar salad (note: presence of Caesar dressing unconfirmed; it could have been ranch). I also spotted some corn and some tortilla strips. So basically it looked like a combo of a Caesar, bbq chicken, and southwestern salad. The bro loved it, but then he's training for a half-marathon and is constantly ravenous, so I think the tabletop would have tasted equally as good.

There may have also been other stuff in there, I'm not sure

As mentioned earlier, Dad got the onion soup. He said the broth was thin and strangely spicy-- it had a bit of a kick, which one doesn't expect from onion soup. Overall? Meh.

Soup and arm

So there you have it. One lunch, one linner, and two abstentions. It was a nice afternoon.

Mercury Bar
659 Ninth Avenue


Taste of Beirut said...

That soup looks like a meal by itself! Love onion soups, that is what it was, right?

Janine said...

@Taste of Beirut,

Yep-- and ironically, Pigalle, where Dad and I ate dinner later that night, has a really good onion soup. Such is life!