Monday, May 18, 2009

Another burger joint I can obsess about?

On my way back from the subway the other day, I cut through New World Plaza, that stretch of concrete between 49th and 50th streets and 8th and 9th avenues where people gather on nice days. Lo and behold, in the space opposite Blockheads that has been vacant for many moons, something is coming... And it is this:

Mother ****er

I have no other information aside from this photo. Mother Burger, what are you?


Nick D said...

Its apparently a new chain for the Blockheads folks

Janine said...

Nick D,

Very interesting! Thanks for the tip. I'm craving a spiked milkshake already...

Thanks for reading!


ken said...

Hey Janine: Thanks for the shout out. My brother Don and I opened Mother Burger last week. We've been operating Blockheads in Worldwide Plaza for 12 years and love the location and people, so when this space became available we grabbed it! Our beef is humanely raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, we have beef hot dogs, fries, shakes, Bell & Evans chicken sandwiches, awesome house-made veg burgers, salads and a FULL BAR. Check us out!

Anonymous said...

Stopped by Mother Burger about two weeks ago. Great! Great! Great! Location is awesome, food is great and the whole set up is something well needed. Keep it going Ken and Don.