Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm happy to be alive!

Today is the birthday of MS, the indefatigable Operations Manager of Billy's and an all-around great person and friend. Yesterday, the two of us made a deal that we would start every day for the next week with the affirmation "I'm happy to be alive!" In addition, I wanted to add a few things about which I'm happy or grateful to remind myself why I'm happy to wake up another day being, yes, alive.

So day one: I'm happy to be alive! I'm particularly grateful for this incredibly nice day we're brewing today. I'm grateful for the delicious veggie dumplings I made last night and the scrumptious cupcake I had for dessert. I'm grateful for good friends (I had drinks with my friend SW last night). And in a few minutes, I'm going to be grateful for access to a well-equipped gym and the physical strength to exercise.

So there you have it! And P.S., I know this doesn't really count as "Food and Drink," aside from the food and drinks for which I'm grateful...but I suppose this falls under the "Life" part of this blog's title. If you're feeling in need of a boost, join me this week in starting each day being happy that you're alive, and let me know how it goes:


Dani said...

I like your mantra! I will join you in this daily affirmation. We all often get so lost in the day-to-day that we literally forget to stop and taste the cupcakes!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Janine said...


Please do join me! Feel free to post what you're grateful about in the comments... even if it is just a cupcake (or three!).

All the best,


Gar said...

Hey, you didn't post a photo of your scrumptious dumplings? :)

Out of curiosity, what type of vegetarian are you? Do you still consume dairy? I still find it hard to dine out with friends and family. Sometimes my mom complains because it's difficult to 'share' dishes with me. :(

Janine said...

Hi Gar,

Next time I heat some of the dumplings up, I'll take a pic!

I'm vegetarian but not vegan, so I do still do dairy. It does make life quite a bit easier in terms of restaurant-going, but with a bit of advance planning and some flexibility you can have good vegan dining experiences as well! But I'll admit, I'm definitely not a "sharer"-- I get my one dish and am a happy camper. I think I was that way before becoming a vegetarian, too...

Thanks for reading!