Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wawa string cheese is still the best stuff on earth (sorry, Snapple)

A few weeks ago, when I went with AV to visit his family in Princeton, NJ, not only did we check out the Little Chef, but we also checked out the local Wawa. Now, if by any chance you've been a faithful reader of my blog since the very beginning, you'll know that there's a certain something that Wawa offers that's far superior to any I've found anywhere else. Yes, it's true: Wawa has the best string cheese on earth.

This past weekend, we stopped at a Wawa on our way out of Long Beach Island, and I cleaned the place out of string cheese, packing my small lunchbox with the little white strips in an effort to keep them cold until they reached my fridge. And now I'm savoring them one by one, rationing them like the Donner Party's last bits of oxen jerky. There's something about this particular part-skim mozzarella-- perhaps it's the creaminess, perhaps it's the stringiness, perhaps it's the fact that it's only available at Wawa, which of course is nowhere near Massachusetts or NYC, and is thus always special-- but, golly, it's just the greatest.

Wawa, I love your string cheese. Thank you.

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