Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rebecca Taylor cupcake...mmm

Last night for my daily treat I had a yummy Rebecca Taylor cupcake from Billy's. These cupcakes were designed by Rebecca Taylor herself during a visit to the bakery. She created two masterpieces: a mocha concoction and this one, fondly known as "Vanilla Twinkle."

Swirly and celestial

Underneath that showy exterior, it's one of Billy's classic vanilla-vanilla cupcakes. The swirled blue icing, our vanilla buttercream, is really pretty and is deliciously sweet and creamy. But the reason I chose this one over a regular vanilla-vanilla (aside from the fact that I love blue, and this blue is puuuuuurty) is because I actually think the decorations add a little somethin'-somethin'. There's a sprinkling of course sugar over the top, which gives the exterior of the frosting a delightful crunch. Plus there are the silver dragees, which most people don't eat but I do (whoops?)-- I find them sweet and yummy. All in all, this is one of those cupcakes that just bring a smile to your face. A pure, pretty hit of sugar: What could be wrong with that?

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