Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mmmmmm Thai at Rin

Last night I met up with GA, a friend from school and fellow food lover, for some delicious Thai food in Chelsea. We convened at Rin on 23rd Street, a restaurant that had gotten rave reviews online.

When I arrived, there was nobody else in the restaurant except for the two men working there. Deja vu? Perhaps. Still, I grabbed a table in the very cool, almost chic dining room, investigating the bathrooms (awesome-- lots of slate, pebbled walls... almost serene) in the meantime. GA arrived and we placed our order.

There was so much that looked good on the menu, but I went with the papaya salad (cravings!!!). This was a very good rendition: a reasonable portion but not extravagant, perhaps a touch too much lime in the dressing but otherwise quite tasty.

Savory and crunchy and delish

GA had chosen the Vegetable Garlic with veggie duck. I took a few bites, and this dish was intensely savory-- I'd never had veggie duck before, and it was quite an interesting taste. GA pointed out that this dish also had a noticeable amout too much lime, but we both still found it enjoyable.

Melange of veggies and fake duck

So that was it for our visit to Rin-- short and sweet. The dining experience here was a plus, given the very awesome dining room and the efficient but kind service. The food was on the positive side of par. And the prices were a bit high for comparable Thai joints but not outrageous. So I'd return to Rin, but probably not before I tried the other options in the area. As a result, Rin earns a yeoman's three Offset Spatulas.

265 W. 23rd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues

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