Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to Vong for twists on greatness

Two weekends ago (I'm a bit behind...) AV and I made our way back to Vong. I'd received a gift certificate there for my birthday, courtesy of my delightful parents, and though I'd enjoyed it thoroughly with both AV and my mother on two occasions in the same week, I hadn't yet found the time to go back. But finally the time had come, and we were back, hoping for the same bursts of greatness we'd witnessed the last time around.

As with last time, we started with the papadum chips with peanut sauce. Incredibly savory and compulsively popable, we both could be satisfied with a huge bowl of these chips, a vat of sauce, and perhaps a couch and a football game. But I digress.


For his entree, AV went with the vegetarian version of their summer rolls, but instead of the standard dipping sauce, he requested the spicy sriracha dipping sauce that usually accompanies the salt-and-pepper calimari. He was exceedingly happy with his decision.


I was sad to see that their green papaya and apple salad, which I had enjoyed so thoroughly last time, was no longer on the menu. But it was replaced with "Mango salad, lime and chili dressing," which looked promising. I ordered it. And I was glad I had. It had thick strips of mango along with the same delicious odds-and-ends that had made the papaya salad so delicious-- cashews, fried green beans, cherry tomato halves. There was also a bizarre hunk of iceberg lettuce. Sure. Regardless, it was one of the better salads I've had in a while-- not quite as good as the papaya version, but certainly worth returning for.

A medley of savory and sweet deliciousness

On to dessert. Our amazing caramelized pineapple treat from before was also gone from the menu, so we were left to our own devices. AV overheard another table order an off-the-menu molten chocolate cake, and he followed suit. With vanilla ice cream, it was a solid rendition of the classic.

Gooey inside

I ordered just plain coconut sorbet. With that order, I got three large scoops of flaky, chilly coconut sorbet-- delicious-- and a long cookie-- forgettable. It was so much sorbet I almost couldn't finish it. Well, almost.

Coconut fabulosity

Even with all that food, we were still left with more than half of my $100 gift certificate left over. So, Vong, we'll be back-- for more four Offset Spatula action and whatever other delicious surprises you can throw our way.

200 E. 54th Street

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