Monday, September 21, 2009

Broadened soft-serve horizons at Kyotofu

Being a dessert lover, it's a bit odd that I don't go to Kyotofu, NYC's now-famous Japanese dessert emporium, more often. It's right around the corner from my apartment, and I've been a couple times before and the treats are delicious, if a bit exotic for my taste. But one thing I notice every time I pass by is the fact that they have Japanese soymilk soft serve ice cream, available to go. I've never tried it, preferring as I do regular milk-based ice cream, but the other day I stopped in for a taste of the vanilla. It was ah-kay, not good enough to dissuade me from my path to Coldstone. But it stuck in my mind. I found myself craving the texture, the almost soupy, strangely granular, loose but creamy texture. So on Friday evening I made my way there, saw that one of their flavors was vanilla-almond, and was sold.

Was it good? Suffice it to say I was back the very next day with AV. My choice both nights was a small cup of vanilla-almond with homemade fruit compote. The almond flavor was delicate, melting down into a background of simple, creamy, vanilla-inflected smooth lightness. And the fruit compote was like sweet, melted jam. The combination-- along with the admirably ample size-- was killer.

A delicious sundae treat

AV chose a cup of the vanilla-almond with kuromitsu whipped cream. The whipped cream had a great light texture and a faint hint of nuttiness, quite delicious but not surpassing the fruit compote as my topping of choice.

With tentacles of whipped cream

If you like ice cream, don't be dissuaded from the soymilk nature of this treat. Stop in for a taste, and I guarantee you'll find yourself drawn back again, and again, and again...

705 Ninth Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets

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