Thursday, September 10, 2009

More deliciousness at Riposo 46

AV and I have been going to Riposo rather frequently recently. It's just an all-around great place: good food, reasonable prices, a nice atmosphere, and delicious wine and beer. Last Saturday, after a successful hike up Bear Mountain (we actually did it! See the following photo for proof), we wanted someplace local... someplace delicious...someplace comforting. And off we went to Riposo 46.

From the top of Bear Mountain... we could actually see the Manhattan skyline in the distance

This time, AV went with a make-your-own veggie flatbread pizza. Our same befuddled and underachieving waiter as last time was unable to answer even the most rudimentary questions about the dish, but nonetheless AV ended up with a winner. It was a vast circle of chewy grilled flatbread covered with caramelized onions, roasted peppers, spinach, and lots and lots of parmesan. I kept stealing bites until AV cut off a few slivers of crust for me to use as "dipping sticks." He's a good egg.

Lots of veggie goodness

My own choice was the same as last time-- the arugula salad, sans grapefruit, plus sauteed mushrooms, all covered in shaved parmesan. It's so savory and filling, and with the dipping sticks I even put the dressing-on-the-side to good use. Another well-executed meal.

Salady goodness

We lingered over our beer and wine and then hit Cold Stone and Starbucks before heading home. Another delightful and relaxing four Offset Spatula weekend evening.

Riposo 46
667 9th Avenue, between 46th and 47th Streets

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