Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Land. It's delicious.

On one of the most beautiful Sunday evenings this year, AV and I were on the UES and we were hungry. Nevermind that it was 5PM; it was dinnertime, dammit. We wandered down 2nd Avenue, debating the merits of various places we bumped into, but ultimately, as we approached Land, the call of the dumplings was too strong to resist. We settled into an empty table on the sidewalk and awaited deliciousness.

First up, of course, were the dumplings. Gosh, we love these dumplings. They're full of incredible peanutnutty, vegetably goodness that's pretty much indescribable-- hence the made-up words. But if you like dumplings, or if you like anything that tastes good, you should head to Land and try them out yourself.

Dumplings awaiting utensils

Interior shot, with dipping sauce inside

As a change of pace from the usual wok beef with basil, AV tried the pad thai with shrimp. It went over quite well, and my one stolen forkful of noodles was admirably delicious.

Peanutty Pad

My own selection was the Land salad. It had romaine lettuce, chunks of beets, hard boiled eggs, and little bits of fried tofu ("tofu crouton"). While all the elements were good (especially the lime-peanut dressing, which I got on the side and then proceeded to eat pretty much all of), I was a bit puzzled by the fact that the various parts didn't really mesh together that well. That is, all the individual components tasted good, they just didn't complement each other. Does that make sense? Plus the tiny bowl made it exceedingly difficult to eat the salad without having the ingredients fall all over the place. But that delicious peanut dressing made up for a lot, believe me...

Cobb salad, Thai style

And there we had yet another successful four Offset Spatula excursion to Land. We'll be back, Land, we'll be back.

Land Thai Kitchen
1565 Second Avenue, between 81st and 82nd


Gar said...

i think it's probably the way they chopped the romaine lettuce (too big) and how the ingreidents are all segregrated and not incorporated together. The beets could've been sliced instead of cubed. And I don't understand why some restaurants just can't include some tomatoes. They cheap and delicious. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your site!

Janine said...


I agree-- and a larger plate would have solved a lot of the problems!


Very glad to hear it! Thanks for reading!