Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating New Amsterdam at the Market!

Yesterday, AV and I trekked down to South Street Seaport to check out the New Amsterdam Market. I had such a great time the last time it popped up way back in June of 2008 that I was excited for the new rendition. And I wasn't disappointed. Below, a photo journey:

Reps from our favorite eatery, Brown Cafe!

Some delicious bread action from Fairway

The Porchetta people, hacking away at some pork for their famous sandwiches.

Delicious hard cider from Bellwether Hard Cider. We bought a bottle of the blackberry flavor. Mmmm.

A bounty of fall produce.

This focaccia from the Hot Bread Kitchen was the biggest focaccia I've ever seen. When this lady caught me staring, she offered me a piece, and it was delish.

More carbs from Wave Hill Breads. AV bought a demi-baguette and gave his seal of approval.

The "Edible" publishers, giving out free magazines. Nice.

Yummy goat cheese from Painted Goat Farm. A black pepper chevre also made its way into our stock of supplies...

Reps from the Bent Spoon, an ice cream company in Princeton, NJ. The line was too long for me to even nab a taste.

And we were off. The highlights: free copy of Edible Manhattan; lots of cheese; scrumptious hard cider. The lowlights: a taste of mead (don't ask. And seriously, don't drink); too many people. But in the context of the New Amsterdam Market, lots of people is a good thing! If you missed it this time around, check it out next time when it emerges like Brigadoon at the South Street Seaport on October 25th.


Gar said...

next time go earlier in the day. I was there before noon and got a taste of many samples. The vendors are so friendly!

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