Monday, September 28, 2009

LWF&D goes to Vermont on a grown-up vacation

This past weekend, AV and I hopped in his trusty car and made our way to Vermont. We wound our way through Connecticut, stopping for a few memorable moments at a Wonder Bread/Hostess factory outlet, at which we spent $10 and emerged with who knows what, and up through Massachusetts towards Mount Snow. And as we checked in, we prepared ourselves for a weekend of Being Grown-Ups.

For we were there, not just for leaf peeping (which we did), but for the Vermont Life Wine and Harvest Festival. It was a delightful little craft-and-wine-and-cheese fest, and we had decided last minute to attend. So on Saturday morning, after waking up to a crisp, clear day of the type only available in Vermont, we rolled on over to the festival to soak up some food and wine. And crafts.

Behold, our journey through the food tent:

We were greeted by the wood fired pizza booth. A good sign.

The wine and food booth!

The craft booth, from afar

More tents...and the BBQ truck

Inside the wine and food tent.

The Grafton Village Cheese booth

More cheddars

So much cheddar

Vermont smoke and cure... AV tried the pepperoni and enjoyed it

The Skinny Pancake crepe booth had a huge crowd

Carrot cupcakes from Crazy Russian Girls. After we painstakingly transported it to our hotel room, AV pronounced it just "okay." I think he's spoiled on Billy's baked goods.

Fresh mozzarellas from Maplebrook

Outstanding goat cheese from Vermont Butter and Cheese

One of the wine tasting booths-- Lincoln Peak Vineyard

Our final snack before hitting the craft booth: Pepperoni Pizza from the pizza booth!

The verdict: the festival was a ton of fun. The eats were mostly cheese samples, and the wine offerings were varied, although I was a bit disgruntled that they charged nominal fees for all the wine tastings (in addition to the festival entrance fee). We ended up with one bottle of Cabernet and then made our way to the craft tent, which was full of delightful Vermont-ish artisans. I was too engrossed in the incredible carved wooden bowls and the samples of homemade fudge to take pictures (oops), but trust me that the crafts were crafty and somehow I ended up with a $13 box of buttercrunch. For my grandma. I swear.

So for our first foray into the world of grown-up trips, I'd say we had a smashing success. The festival was quite a delight, augmented admirably by the weekly flea market taking place across the street (we bought beer glasses). And getting out of the city to take in the clean Vermont air was much needed. Well done, us!

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