Monday, August 16, 2010

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck makes me smile

The other day, I headed home from drinks with LZ and JW, and I was in the mood for something tasty. I remembered from some Twitter prowling earlier that day that the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was coming uptown to park on 42nd for the evening. So on my way back from Bryant Park, I stopped by.

Hi Doug!

After divulging that this was my first BGICT experience, Doug insisted that I have a Salty Pimp. All right then. A classic cake cone was topped with an artful swirl of soft serve, and then the magic began to happen. Doug grabbed a squeeze bottle of dulce de leche and painted the cone with stripes of the delicious goo, and then-- here's the money shot-- stabbed the tip of the bottle into the soft serve in several places, injecting the cone with the caramel like some sort of awesome, freakish twinkie. Then came a sprinkle of sea salt; then came a chocolate dip. Oh my.

The promise...

Here it is, a sleepy Salty Pimp.

The first bite: Oh my, indeed. There's chocolate (or mockolate, at least). There's crunchy salt. And then there's the the dulce de leche, which is both sweet and sort of salty. There's the creamy background of vanilla soft serve underlying it all. Oh mannnnn. It melted gooily into the dish, combining the flavors even more. I gobbled eagerly as I walked the humid streets home.

Damn, Doug. This stuff is awesome. Too bad the BGICT is usually parked at Union Square, but maybe that's for the best. If he were in my hood, I'd certainly have quite a Salty Pimp addiction, to say the least.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
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