Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Rock Center Greenmarket is back in action!

As of last week, the Rockefeller Center Greenmarket is back every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday through September 3rd. I went to check it out, and while there were a few booths proferring fruits and veggies (I was tempted by bushel upon bushel of peaches and plums and other luscious-looking stone fruits), there were more baked goods than one person can handle. Behold, a photo tableau of a Greenmarket where the desserts outnumber the fresh foods. Now that's a market I can get behind!

Mini pies from the Orchards of Concklin

The Orchards' cookies-- mmm, Apple Treasure...

Sugar free cookies and bars for the sweet-averse!

Not Just Rugelach's precisely arranged brownies

...and their more haphazard loaf cakes

Dark and alluring Ginger Snaps from NJR

Maple candy from Wood Homestead Maple Farm

Ginger cookies from Millport Dairy

...and finally, the Dairy's infamous Whoopie Pies! Pumpkin and chocolate, pick your poison.

Rockefeller Center Greenmarket

North Plaza, Rockefeller Place at 50th Street

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