Monday, August 30, 2010

Whispers of Cinnabon with Miss Softee

Last week, I was craving something a little different after dinner, and as it was a nice evening weather-wise, I decided to take a little walk. To 44th and 6th I wandered, seeking Miss Softee, who was parked on the corner in her Mister Softee truck and offering some delectable specials.

While the various options (run & raisin, s'mores, cherry dream) all sounded tempting, I decided to go for the cinnamon bun concoction. I asked for it in a cup, so Miss Softee grabbed a small cup and created a perfect swirl of vanilla soft serve. Then she grabbed a ballpark-mustard squeeze bottle that turned out to be filled with vanilla frosting-- yes, the kind that you'd eat out of a can when you were young, not that that's something I'd ever do... uh... right-- and laced the soft serve with delicate ribbons of frosting. Then the whole concoction was topped off with a hearty dousing of cinnamon. Four dollars later, I was on my way.

Absolute delight

And good lord, that thing did taste exactly like a cinnamon bun. The ample cinnamon livened up the somewhat retiring vanilla flavor of the soft-serve, and the occasional bite of cinnamon-crusted frosting was just enough to keep the image of a Cinnabon right in the forefront of your mind. It's a messy treat-- you WILL end up with either melted ice cream or cinnamon dust all over you, so beware if you attempt this monstrosity while wearing a suit. But it is a delight, and it is quintessentially summer.

Miss Softee
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