Friday, August 20, 2010

More popsicles!

After our journey through Chelsea Market, KS and I took a lengthy stroll up and down the High Line. And how can you walk on a hot day without an overpriced popsicle? You can't! So we stopped at the People's Pops stand on the High Line and got ourselves some icy treats.

We both chose the peach basil flavor, and even though I don't usually like herbs in my sweets, this was really good. The basil was incredibly mellow and functioned mainly to make sure the peach wasn't one-note sweet; it added nuances, if you will. The ingredients were clearly both real and fresh-- there were bits of peach pulp in the pop. The texture of the treat was loose and almost slushy, and it melted fast.

The stick was askew!

Was it worth $3.50? Well, it was a nice summer treat-- not something I'd buy every day, but in the right circumstances (e.g., walking the High Line with a friend on a hot day), it hits the spot. It still doesn't unseat La Newyorkina's coconut pop as my favorite popsicle of the year, but People's Pops' peach basil is certainly a contender.

People's Pops
Stand inside Chelsea Market and on the High Line

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